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Privacy policy Update:

Net Digital Word recognizes that its visitors, users, customers, and others who use mobile applications, other websites, online forums, online communities, and/or any online platform operated or owned by Net Digital Word, Value their privacy. This Privacy Notice explains necessary information about the use and disclosure of user information on the Net Digital Word platform.

Net Digital Word provides you with this notice to help you in making a decision, whether continue or discard the Net Digital Word Platform. This Privacy Notice is versatile and subject to the Net Digital Word Terms of Use. We always keep your information provided on the Net Digital Word Platform private and secure which remains subject to the privacy policy notice and our terms of use.

Please keep in mind that any image, video or other content posted on the website of Net Digital Word becomes public Content. it will not be considered personal identification data subject to our Privacy Notice.

The Information Net Digital Word collects User-provided Information:

You can ask to provide several personal information while registering at the Net Digital Word such as your Name, Date of Birth, IP Address, E-Mail Address, and Mobile Number. When you are opting for any activity like Uploading Videos and posting Images and messages in our video comments section then anyone can establish communication with you.

Cookies Information:

When you visit the Net Digital Word Platform, We may send you one or more cookies- that is a small-sized text file containing some strings of alphanumeric characters to your system, that identifies Your Web browser, and tells whether is it unique or not. Net Digital world Uses both cookies and sessions. We also send both types of cookies to your browser i.e Persistent cookies and non-persistent cookies. Persistent cookies are those cookies that are used by your browser When you are visiting the Net Digital Word Portal Several times. Persistent cookies are those which are which remain when you close the web browser. We Provide you notice that if you are not accepting the cookies and you are disabling them, then some features of our portal may not work properly for you.

The Way Net Digital Word uses the Information:

When you register on our web portal and submit personally identifiable information on it. Then we use your provided information for delivering you the best features and functionality of the Net Digital Word Platforms.

All the personal information like images, voice clips, videos, snaps, or any other such content that you disclose online i.e (within your public profile) becomes publicly available and can be seen by others, who are using our platform. Your name apart from your e-mail address can be displayed, when you are posting something, or you are sending any message on the Net Digital Word Web Portal. We provide a facility to our users that they can contact other users through their names, their Uploaded comments, posted messages, and comments. We do not use your email address or Contact number for any commercial advertisement, without your legal consent. We always use the best methods to enhance our platform according to users’ convenience.