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Google Pixel 7 – The smartphone that can genuinely impress you

Google Pixel 7

Meet the best-looking phone of 2022, Google Pixel 7 which is the the newest member of Google’s world domination army.

Pixel 7 is an Android 10 smartphone from Google that features a highly-customizable user interface, expanding the use of Assistant and all-screen viewability.


Google Pixel 7 features are great for users. It has high-end features, which include the latest and most powerful processor, heavy-duty graphics, a good camera, and many more.

Google Pixel 7 specifications are illustrated. The processor used is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 RAM with 4GB and 6GB GPU. Adreno 640 Display aspect ratio 18.9:9 and 14:9 respectively. The Camera Front camera is 5mp, FHD at 30fps, and IR filter Added features Face unlock Water-repellent nano-coating Fast charging 2.5 hours of full charge in 15 minutes Security Fingerprint sensor, and Secure Boot.

The Google Pixel 7 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which brings Artificial Intelligence to your fingertips. The camera on the Pixel 7 has advanced image processing for AI-enhanced portrait photos, bokeh excellent depth effects, and beautiful bokeh blur.

Sleek, smooth, and unibody design with a huge display figure of 7.3 inches, featuring the best in terms of camera and battery life.

User experience

The Google Pixel 7 is another superb smartphone to buy, with a great design and top-class features. The camera quality on this phone is fantastic, with great dynamic range and a genuinely impressive blur effect. The battery life is also impressive and we had it last for several days on one charge. You can purchase this phone at an affordable price.

It has got the most advanced smartphone combining camera game-changing technology, with a premium design that is always one step ahead. From the minute you hold it in your hand, Pixel 7’s unique curved glass display draws you in and immerses you at the moment.

This smartphone adds a few key new features, including a new all-glass design. The phone is light, easy to use, and feels good in the hand. It comes with a powerful battery that lets you keep working after spending hours on the go.

Dolby Atmos is an amazing feature of the Pixel 7 that comes with Google Assistant. It sounds cool and you can hear every little sound of your action. I found it to be a very useful feature especially when I was shopping at Costco because this phone has far better battery life than any other smartphone I have used before. Also, the wide-angle lens allows for better clarity in those scenes when I am looking at a book or picture close-up with my family.

Final verdict

With the Google Pixel 7, you can take great photos and videos hands-free.  Features include a large screen, digital zoom, and fast phase detection autofocus from any side of the camera. As per the Google Pixel 7 review, the best phone ever makes the Pixel 7 worth owning.

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