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Ather 450X Review Design, Battery, Performance, Ride Quality, and Price

Ather 450x Electric Scooter

Ather Energy has launched a flagship product called the Ather 450X, which is now available in India for sale at an ex-showroom cost starting at Rs.1,18,995. This electric scooter is available in three colors, black, white, and mint. The Ather 450X is available in two versions: The 450X and the 450 Plus. Regarding the mechanical specifications and design, the Ather 450X has several improvements over the Ather 450.


It isn’t easy to believe there is a third version of the Ather. There aren’t any changes to the design, but it is upgraded on many fronts. The rear-view mirrors are more oversized and practical, providing greater visibility—the new tires developed through Ather and MRF. The tire now has a larger 100-section tire in the rear, providing more traction and handling when driving.

New Battery, More Range

The most significant change is the introduction of a brand-new battery. The battery is more extensive, at 3.7 1 kWh, and has 17 different cells. This battery is 25%bigger than before and as much as 20 millimeters larger and has improved heat distribution, improving thermal efficiency. The battery pack will continue to rest on the floorboard. However, it’s mounted on new mount points. This means it isn’t retrofittable to older scooters. The bigger battery pack has two significant advantages. The first is that the range has now crossed the 100 km mark and can reach a total distance of 105 kilometers on one charge.


The PMS motor now produces 6.2 milliwatts, or eight bhp, and 26 NM maximum torque. The output is similar to Gen 2, but performance figures remain the same for Gen 3. Gen 3 450X despite the five kg weight increase. Ather claims that the electric scooter can go from 40-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. It is undoubtedly fast.

Acceleration remains robust, and the calibration of throttles is effortless. The low-end power is plentiful, and the brand-new Smart Eco mode lets you control the power and range better. But its Warp mode is where the fun begins—Warp mode where all the excitement happens and makes the 450X a fun scooter. Ather promises a top speed of 80 mph, but the company’s claims are modest since you can easily reach more than 90 kmph when in Warp mode. But, if you stay at these speeds for longer, the battery will deplete quickly, even with the extended distance.

Handling & Ride Quality

The new tire style enhances the performance of the 450X, but only by a small margin. The more spacious tire improves by 16 percent in how it handles the patch of contact and makes the 450X a much more stable product.

The rear-view mirrors are also lighter than the earlier model, making changing directions a bit more comfortable. The dashboard is more efficient in use and operates more smoothly than it did before.


The 450X platform has been at the top of its capabilities, and the most recent update ensures it is on par with customer expectations. The electric scooter retails at about Rs. 1.56 1 lakh, which is about Rs. 5k more expensive than before. This is a slight price increase but a fair higher price.


450x has always been a tested product, and it’s no doubt. Small changes make a huge difference. We would’ve loved more extensive improvements to the chassis as well as the design, too. However, for those concerned about battery life and the safety of batteries, the update addresses many of those questions. The enhancements are significant in the right way.

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